Robert Walker - Certified Fitness Trainer

Meet Team KAOS Lifting

Team KAOS came about over a couple of years. While I was stationed in Korea for the USAF, I received the nickname KAOS.  This was my Emergency Services Team name.  After returning stateside I kept the name.  When I started lifting on a constant basis I began to mark my gear KAOS.  After a while I began to workout with a few people and talk to a couple of others about workouts and competitions.  Yes, everyone can talk about these subjects. However you have to have a certain something to be a Team KAOS member. Here are the members.  

Here I am with Mr. Branch Warren.  This was at the 2009 Mr. O Weekend.  He is always friendly and willing to answer questions like most of the IFBB Pros.  I am always trying his leg workouts, which are BRUTAL!!!!

Here is Jack.  He lives the point of never letting ANYTHING getting in your way.  He is a world champ in bodybuilding. Always has a smile and a great friend.  Even though he is in Canada, it never stops us talking about workouts, supps or up coming contest.

This is Sherrie.  Our girl from the East Coast. Always being positive and talking about her competing.  Here she is doing her quarter turns on the Mr. O stage. Helps keep the team focused when needed.  She is also wearing the Team KAOS logo shirt!

Here is my boy Kip.  Kip comes to us from TX. He stays in touch and talks about workouts and meeting up at Pro shows on a normal basis. Distance is not a issue for our team!

Here is Big D.  Dion comes from the state of Cali.  We have been friends since 05 when I was stationed at Vandenberg AFB. D. always makes a point to keep fitness in all of our conversations.  As a true friend he came down to the 2010 FitExpo just to make sure Team KAOS was represented with me.

Meet J.J. -- He has been a friend for a number of years now.  He started getting into working out seriously at the end of 08.  You can see his before and after pictures on this site. He has come so far in a short time.  He is so much into the sport now, that this year 2010, he made it up to the Mr. O Weekend and was also brought into Team KAOS Lifting. 

Congrats J.J. - Keep up the hard work!!!!