Robert Walker - Certified Fitness Trainer


B.Y.C. - stands for the Better YOU Challenge.



(9 Feb 2015 - 6 Apr 2015)


The thought behind the BYC is simple.  Help you become a Better / Healthier you.

Yes it is a contest, however everyone who takes part is in it to help each other.  So you have a support group.

The best prize is helping you become a Better You!




1)    Every person will contribute $35.00 to the B.Y.C.

2)    Weight will always be checked on the same scale.

3)    There will be measurements conducted.

4)    If you don’t complete the B.Y.C. there will be no refund.

5)    People are allowed to train with anyone / anyway they like.

6)    People can contribute prizes to the B.Y.C. for the winners or gift bags.

7)    Every person will be able to state their goals during the weigh-in.

8)    Every person must weigh-in the week of the start and end dates of the B.Y.C.

9)  There will be before and after pictures taken.

10)   There will be both female and male winners.

11)   Each person will receive 1 free session from Rob Fitness. ($50 Value)

12)   There will be locations for weigh-ins in Albq and Bernalillo.

13)   If there is enough interest, there will also be a Better Fitness category.  


Cash Prizes for Winners of each category!!!

I would like to say GREAT job you all who completed the 9th BYC!!

Congrats to:

Amy S. 


Mike T.

Winners of each category.  



This is Mike.

 He is one of the past winners of the BYC and was a client during the contest. 

This transformation was achieved in 8 short weeks.

He has continued his journey, and still hits his workouts hard!

Rob Fitness would like to say thank you to the companies which helped with making the goodie bags great for this BYC!

AAEFX & SW Sports Nutrition